WIYN Meeting-in-a-Meeting, June 2013 AAS

We are pleased to announce that the WIYN partners will be holding a Meeting-in-a-Meeting on "WIYN Observatory - Building on the Past, Looking to the Future" at the 2-6 June 2013 AAS meeting in Indianapolis. The meeting will consist of three oral sessions, designed to highlight key scientific contributions of the WIYN Observatory, familiarize the astronomical community with current WIYN instrumentation and capabilities, including the newest WIYN instrument, the Partial One Degree Imager (pODI), and provide a forum for discussion of partnership arrangements for 4-meter class telescopes like WIYN. The meeting gives us an opportunity to showcase both WIYN's accomplishments and its potential for the future and we hope you can join us.

In addition to the oral sessions detailed below, there will be a poster session for papers related to WIYN, where we will feature science results using WIYN facilities, provide detail on WIYN Instrumentation and software, and highlight WIYN's role in education and training. Please strongly consider contributing posters to this session if you have used WIYN data as part of your science program - we welcome your results, those of your colleagues and your students.

So please consider coming to the meeting, and encouraging others to attend the sessions. We look forward to seeing you there.

WIYN Observatory - Building on the Past, Looking to the Future

More information on the sessions, including a list of confirmed speakers, is now posted on the AAS meeting site.

Questions can be directed to Kathy Rhode (rhode at astro.indiana.edu) or Eileen Friel (efriel at indiana.edu).

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