WIYN T&E Planning

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December 10-14, 2008 generic T&E

Contact: Heidi Schweiker

Attendees: Heidi Schweiker, Charles Corson, Derek Guenther, Wally Thurn, Behzad Abareshi, Dick Joyce, Doug Williams



Plans for December 10 & 11:

Daytime (9am-4pm):


Plans for December 12-14:



Evening (8pm-sunrise):

November 9-13, 2008 WHIRC T&E

Contact: Margaret Meixner

Attendees: Margaret Meixner et al


Time was given to STScI in return for supplying WHIRC instrument. STScI to receive 4-6 nights/semester. No activities are planned that in clude WIYN or KPNO personnel. Plans are to use this time for any remaining commissioning activities or acceptance data as well as for science.

October 20/21, 2008 OPTIC T&E

Contact: Steve Howell

Attendees: Steve Howell, Heidi Schweiker

Plans for October 20:


Plans for October 21:

Summary of 2008B T&E planning discussions.

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