T&E items for 08B (in priority)

  1. Bench - getting the Bench work completed is the highest priority item for this semester. As per the current schedule, all Bench activities will be done outside of T&E time. If the bench upgrade can not be completed during the October/November imaging block (daytime work) then it will have to be pushed into next semester. Margaret Meixner may give some time on sky to the bench team during the November STScI WHIRC block, if needed.
  2. Active Supports - maintenance work on the active supports is second priority. Time will be scheduled during the December T&E (3 days) to work on the active supports with Charles, Wally and possibly Derek.
  3. WHIRC acceptance - it is likely that all necessary data to determine whether WHIRC will meet acceptance criteria has been obtained during the September WHIRC Meixner run. If data is still needed to be collected for the purpose of acceptance time will be made available for this during the December T&E.
  4. WHIRC/WTTM integration - time will be made available during the December T&E/TBD nights to work on the WHIRC/WTTM integration - parameterization, characterization and training. Behzad and Heidi will work on making sure it works. Once proven to work Dick and Doug will be trained.
  5. Computer room mods - Charles will work with Jim Hutchinson and Bill McCollam to identify time during the December or January T&E blocks to work on reorganization of the computer room.

DEC T&E time includes Dec TBD nights following T&E (if Buell is amenable), Dec 10-14

JAN T&E time, Jan 6-8 (we will wait until after the December T&E to decide if we would like to also request the Jan TBD nights from Buell)

T&E items for 09A (no priority)