As per our meeting (sans Pat) on Monday, here is what I believe we discussed for the 09A T&E time. Note this does not preclude other T&E activities but sets some scheduling up and a general plan.

3 Feb change to a T&E night for WHIRC/WTTM
4,5 Feb move Geha run to these two nights
6 Feb Computer work for upgrades/fixes and perhaps further WHIRC/WTTM work, computer
7,8 Feb DD time Daniel and Pierre, WHIRC/WTTM with possible few hours early each night for T&E

6-10 March T&E for active support project. Other T&E activities may be possible but they can not expect to use flat fields, go on sky, or have telescope movement for the T&E run.

7-8 April T&E Tertiary removal for "hot spot" work. Obvious restrictions apply

4-6 May T&E time - no specific project right now

June - No T&E nights

8 July T&E WHIRC - Joyce (Perhaps try occultation masks again)
16 July T&E OPTIC - Howell, first time on after arrival, probably give 2nd half to Esch
6-7 July T&E
21,26 July DD

These nights may be swapped or rearranged depending on the need at the time.
ODI fit check is liekly to occur somewhere in here.
We will address them further out in 09A.