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March 5, 1993

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1993-01: G. Blevins should purchase insurance before the next Board meeting with concurrence of the WIYN Board President and Treasurer.

RESOLUTION 1993-02: We submit the request for bids to polish the wide field correctors with two options, with and without insurance and liability. The WIYN President will be consulted before a contract is let.

RESOLUTION 1993-03: Reappoint Coopers & Lybrand for next year's audit.

RESOLUTION 1993-04: Pilachowski moved that the billing schedule for UW be set to zero for the April and July payments, and that the treasurer bring a revised billing schedule for UW to arrive at the appropriate total contribution to the next Board meeting.

RESOLUTION 1993-05: Approve the additional cost for polishing runs for the primary mirror, to be split 40% to NOAO, and 60% to the universities.

RESOLUTION 1993-06: Accept the Treasurer's financial report.

RESOLUTION 1993-07: Be it resolved that paragraph 13 of the WIYN Agreement be amended as follows: Sentence one is deleted and replaced by "A time period starting near the end of the construction phase and prior to the beginning of regular scientific operations shall be called the 'commissioning phase'."

RESOLUTION 1993-08: Be it resolved that the Board determines that the onset of the commissioning phase shall begin on September 1, 1993, and will coexist with the construction phase until such time as the construction phase is complete. The duration of the commissioning phase will be determined by the Board at a future meeting.

RESOLUTION 1993-09: It is resolved that the Board authorize the Project Manager to begin implementing the tentative commissioning plan presented at this meeting.

RESOLUTION 1993-10: The Board delegates to the Site Manager Search Committee the approval of the selection of the individual identified for the Site Manager position with a salary cap of $55K.

September 24, 1993

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1993-11: Approve RESOLUTION #1 in the Financial Report. [RESOLUTION #1 of the Financial Report resolves the cash overpayment by the University of Wisconsin. This assures that UW will be credited an appropriate amount of interest.]

RESOLUTION 1993-12: Approve RESOLUTION #2 in the Financial Report. [RESOLUTION #2 authorizes the treasurer to set the final billing in Quarter 4, 1994, to reach the total contribution for each university in the WIYN Agreement for the construction and commissioning phases subject to adjustment approved by the Board prior to Quarter 4. Such adjustment might address the accumulated interest.]

RESOLUTION 1993-13: Adopt RESOLUTION #6 concerning the WIYN Site Manager. [RESOLUTION #6 authorizes a credit in-kind for the Site Manager's salary and benefits. A contribution in-kind will be included in the final quarter payment adjustment for relocation expenses.]

RESOLUTION 1993-14: Adopt RESOLUTION #5 amending the IU payment schedule.

RESOLUTION 1993-15: Adopt RESOLUTION #4 concerning billing for contributions during the operations phase.

RESOLUTION 1993-16: Approving purchase of continuing insurance.

RESOLUTION 1993-17: The Board approved the budget for FY94 as presented.

RESOLUTION 1993-18: The Board authorized the project to continue MOS payments previously scheduled to completion.

RESOLUTION 1993-19: The MOU between NOAO and IU is to be recognized by the WIYN Board and reflected as an adjustment to the payment schedule given in the WIYN agreement. The motion passed unanimously.

RESOLUTION 1993-20: The Board authorizes, with the concurrence of the Project Manager, the SAC and the President, a contribution in-kind from IU for up to $20K to provide a camera mounting fixture for the telescope before the IAS is available.

RESOLUTION 1993-21: The Board accepts the report of the scheduling committee as the procedure to use for scheduling the telescope.

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