Information for the ODI User

An Overview of ODI

Here you can find information on ODI including filter descriptions, detector characteristics and much more.

The ODI User's Manual

Information for the observer on operating and using the ODI instrument can be found in the ODI User's Manual. Updates are continuously being made to this manual. Please check here prior to your observing run to ensure you have the latest version of the manual.

Proposing to Use ODI and Planning for your Observing Run

Overview of planning tools, constraints and recommendations for observing.

Expsosure Time Calculator

A link to the Exposure time calculator and guide for it's use.

NEW! WIYN/ODI/PPA Data Rights Policies

A link to the current WIYN ODI/PPA Data Rights Policy.

ODI Data Reduction Handbook

An introduction on how to reduce ODI data.

ODI Portal and Archive Guide

A quick guide to navigating through the ODI Portal and Archive

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