WIYN Board Meeting Materials

April 8-9, 2010 - Tucson, AZ

Dates following each item are the date the item was published to this site. Items without dates or links have not yet been published - please check back closer to the date of the Board meeting.

Agenda (DRAFT) [04/07/10]

Minutes from 9/22/09, 03/01/10 [04/01/10]

SAC Report (DRAFT) [04/02/10]

WIYN Director's Report [03/26/10]

FY11 options (DRAFT) [04/01/10]

Financial Spreadsheet [04/01/10]

ODI Report [03/26/10]

ODI Commissioning Plan (DRAFT) [04/01/10]
NOTE: not updated since Feb 2010

Pipeline/Archive Documentation

WIYN/UITS Letter of Intent (DRAFT) [04/01/10]

WIYN/UITS MOU v.2 and Extension (DRAFTS) [04/01/10]

Recent Resolutions and Action Items [03/09/10]

0.9m Report [04/01/10]

Committees of the WIYN Board (DRAFT) [04/01/10]

WIYN Publications [04/02/10]

Consortium Members [03/04/10]


Much desired ODI Poster [04/09/10]

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