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ODI News Roundup: April 2010

ODI Dewar

The ODI dewar has been fully assembled for the first time, and it's cryogenic sytem (i.e., cooling the detectors in a vacuum) is undergoing intensive testing, including cooling the focal plate to 170oK (approximately -150oF).

The fully assembled ODI dewar being lifted

The fully assembled ODI dewar being lifted

At this time, 64 aluminum mockups are installed on the focal plate instead of detectors to simulate their heat load.

Focal Plate populated with 64 aluminum blocks to simulate heat load

Focal Plate populated with 64 aluminum blocks to simulate heat load
ODI Filters and Optics

By now we have received all ordered filters: g', r', i', and z'. All filters have been manufactured by Barr Associated and meet our specifications. Almost all optical parts are here in Tucson and are ready for installation. The only exception is one pair of prisms for the atmospheric dispersion compensator, which is corrently out for coating after being repolished by Zygo earlier this year.

ODI Detectors

Unfortunately, we discovered a design error in our detecors where the electrical connection between the boding pad and the scupper is not established properly. The ODI team is now evaluating the situation and is working closely with the detector manufacturer (STA) to ensure that the next interation of detectors will indeed fully meet all science requirements.


While significant progress has been made in all areas of the instrument, the recent delay in the detectors will force us to reschedule ODI's installation. The schedule impact has not been fully evaluated yet, but we anticipate an installation date in summer 2011.

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