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The WIYN Observatory Documentation Control (WODC) index contains a body of information on the project dating from its inception to the present. The index is organized into Top-Level Documents that define the project, Technical Reports - publications and formal reports about the project, and internal Technical Notes, less formal engineering reports about the project.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this document is to define the document control used on the WIYN 3.5 Meter Telescope Project and to provide a list of controlled documents.

Numbering System

Each document will be given a unique WIYN Observatory document control (WODC) code. Each code will consist of three groups of numbers separated by hyphens. The first number will place the document in the hierarchy of document types, ie. top-level requirements (00), design requirements (01), technical reports (02) and technical notes (03). The second will be the document's serial number within its type, and the fourth number will give the revision. For example, the second revision of the Scientific and Technical Requirements Document has the code WODC 00-01-02.

Approvals and Revisions

The Scientific and Technical Requirements document contains the system requirements for the telescope, instrumentation, and enclosure to meet the science goals of the project. It is approved by the WIYN Board on the recommendation of the project manager and Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). Changes to the Scientific Technical Requirements may be jointly approved by the Project Manager and SAC if, in their judgement, the changes do not significantly degrade the performance or capabilities of the observatory. Changes that would reduce the performance or capabilities or otherwise increase the cost of the project will be submitted to the Board for approval.

Design requirements documents contain requirements and specifications for individual subsystems. They are approved by the project manager, SAC and one other individual who is typically the the lead engineer in charge of the subsystem but in some cases an individual appointed by the SAC to oversee the development. Once approved, revisions to the Scientific and Technical Requirements and design requirement documents and the required approvals will be recorded on forms and kept in the project files by the project manager.

Technical reports and notes will be issued with the project manager's approval. The index, section 5 of this document, may be updated without Board approval.


Top-Level Documents

Design Requirements

Technical Reports

Technical Notes

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