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WIYN Operational Status

Below is the current status of known issues that potentially impact operations or instrument readiness at WIYN. Questions about any of these items can be directed to Jayadev Rajagopal (jayadev.rajagopal at @noirlab.edu).


No known issues.


ODI shutter closed when humidity ≥ 80% [07/06/2022]
The ODI dewar window is prone to condensation under high humidity conditions. Since condensation will leave a residue, and every condensation event will fog up some parts of the dewar window long-term. This diminishes the throughput significantly (up to a factor of 2), and in a patchy, non-calibratable way. It is therefore imperative to avoid any condensation event.


No known issues.


No known issues.

Bench Spectrograph

No known issues.


No known issues

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