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ODI News Roundup: April 30, 2012

A joint WIYN/NOAO team is in the final stages of integration and testing of ODI before it is shipped to the WIYN 3.5m telescope in July 2012. Optical, thermal, mechanical, and electronic testing has, so far, proceeded well. The instrument will be installed and commissioned with a partially-filled focal plane (thirteen 4K X 4K OTA detectors), configured with a central filled region 24 arcminutes square, and 4 outlying regions. Commissioning activities are planned for the rest of semester 2012B, with general access anticipated for semester 2013A. While we have only 4 full-size (one degree square) filters (g, r, i, and z) we will be providing inserts that will hold 6-inch filters from the NOAO CCD Mosaic Imagers over the central filled region. In parallel with the instrument completion, an effort that combines expertise from WIYN, NOAO's Science Data Management group, and Indiana University's Pervasive Technology Institute is developing a post-observing data management, reduction, analysis, and access system. Data from ODI will be pipeline reduced and made available to archival researchers after a proprietary period.

The pODI focal plate, showing the 13 4K X 4K OTA detectors, two focus sensors (on sides), and a smiling Mark Hunten, ODI Systems Engineer. Black square covers are inserted into the empty mounting holes to prevent scattered light.


The assembled ODI instrument, seen from its back, on its cart in the NOAO flex rig building. The two gold boxes (one open) on the sides house the StarGrasp controllers; the three blue housings around the outside hold the nine filter arms.
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