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ODI News Roundup: January 2012

A Partially Populated Focal Plane

The ODI project met a major milestone on December 16th when 14 Orthogonal Transfer Array (OTA) CCD detectors were mounted on ODI's focal plane by Mike Lesser and his team at the UA Imaging Technology Laboratory. This partially populated focal plane has a central 3 x 3 detector array covering a field of view of about 24 x 24 arc minutes, as well as additional devices that sample the outer parts of the one degree field of view.

ODI with this partially populated focal plane (dubbed pODI) is scheduled for deployment at the WIYN observatory in the second half of July 2012. After a technical verification phase and scientific commissioning WIYN aims to open pODI for shared risk observations. pODI will operate in the static and coherent image motion correction modes, and will feature four filters capable of using the entire field of view (SDSS g', r', i', and z' bands). For further questions regarding pODI, please contact Daniel Harbeck (harbeck at noao.edu) or Todd Boroson (boroson at noao.edu).

ODI's partially populated focal plane

Dave Ouellette of ITL next to the ODI focal plane which is populated with 15 detectors (one is nonfunctional).
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