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ODI News Roundup: July 31, 2012

ODI is now on the telescope! The ODI team has been blogging progress at podideployment.blogspot.com for the last few weeks. So far, everything - packing up, shipping, installation, cabling - has gone smoothly. With continued luck, we will be turning things on in the next few days and opening the dome next week. We have the period until mid-September for engineering verification, making sure that everything is operating as it should, and characterizing the performance. Commissioning will start in early October, and we expect to be accepting proposals for shared-risk observing to start in March 2013. During the engineering verification and commissioning periods, we will also be testing and refining the ODI Pipeline, Portal, and Archive system, so that observers will be able to download pipeline-reduced data.

ODI on the telescope, in the early phases of being cabled up by Mark Hunten.
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