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A Quick Guide to Setting Up WIFOE GUIs



The IFU fiber cables interface to the telescope via the WIFOE box mounted on the MOS Nasmyth port. It contains a wheel that alternately allows light from the telescope or from a hollow cathode lamp to illuminate the fibers. There is also a "pellicle" position that allows an image of the fiber array to be superimposed on the sky field. This enables the object to be placed on the array in a specific location as well as providing a way to check rotational alignment.

A hollow cathode lamp can be used for obtaining wavelength calibration spectra of either a CuAr lamp or ThAr lamp. The ThAr lamp is usually used with the echelle grating. Only one of the lamps can be installed at a given time, so be sure to indicate your choice of lamp to your instrument support person.

Startup of the WIFOE Control and Calibration GUIs

  1. On the wiyn-2 desktop, double-click the WIFOE GUI.
  2. This will bring up the WIFOE Control GUI.

    If an error occurs after clicking a position button, there may be a cabling problem or the power in the Cone room is not on. An extensive trouble shooting guide is available on the WIYN LTO web pages. (local availability only)

  3. On a web browser, go to http://calpower.kpno.noao.edu. Log in as "user" with the current observer password (see labels on monitors). The web page should appear like this:
  4. To turn the hollow cathode lamp on or off, just click the buttons as appropriate. Note that if the web page has been idle for more than a half hour, you will need to log in again.
  5. Be sure to turn the lamp off when calibrations are finished.
  6. In case of problems, the WIYN LTO web pages (only available internally) contain a trouble shooting guide.

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