WIYN Observatory

Information for NEID Users

Current NEID Status

Both the NEID spectrometer and NEID port adapter have been commissioned on WIYN and in full science operation.

The NEID Port Adaptor installed at WIYN

Information for NEID Users

The Queue Portal

NEID users (e.g., PIs) are given an account within the NEID Queue Portal. These accounts provide them with access to a web interface where they can enter target and observation data prior to queue observing. A guide for using the NEID Queue Portal can be found within the portal at https://wiyn-queuemaster.kpno.noirlab.edu/manual/.

PIs will have proposed a set of targets or target selection methods in their observing proposals. Accepted programs are given an allocation of observing time and user accounts in a queue database at WIYN. Once logged in, users can start defining their observing program by entering instructions into the queue database. The steps to do this are:

Standard Star Observations

NEID observes a small set of RV standard stars every night, and the raw and reduced data products will be available to the community with zero proprietary period. From the following standard star list, 1-3 will be observed every night NEID operates.

Standard star list:

Accessing NEID Data

Once data has been obtained for your program it is processed and availalbe within 24 hours. PIs can access their data via the NExScI archive at https://neid.ipac.caltech.edu/.

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