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WIYN Proposal Information

When applying for time on WIYN, please state as explicitly as possible all information regarding your proposed setups as well as any and all constraints you may have. This information can all be supplied in the current proposal form. Proposers should completely fill out the Technical Description, Experimental Design, Summary Table and Scheduling Constraints, specifically noting the information below. This will assist us in better matching your program's needs while maximizing the scientific productivity at the telescope.


Target Coordinates:

Moon Position and Brightness:

Date/time critical observations:


Spectrograph Configuration

**If multiple setups are required please supply these parameters for each setup.

***If extensive calibrations are required, this should be explicitly stated in the Technical Description section.

Hydra Configuration

ODI Imaging

NESSI Speckle Imaging



A list of Instrument Scientists can be found on our Contacts page.

Any questions can be directed to Heidi Schweiker (heidi.schweiker at noirlab.edu).

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