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February 21, 1991

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1991-01: Richard Durisen made the motion that the Board approve the amounts needed in Quarters Three and Four of $340K and $840K, respectively.

RESOLUTION 1991-02: The Board authorizes quarterly billings to the University Members that differ from the schedule of payments set out in Table I of Exhibit A of the Agreement as long as the cumulative payment of the University Member does not exceed its anticipated obligation under Table 1. Further, based on advice of legal counsel, the Board agrees that no revision of the WIYN Agreement is necessary to authorize this action.

RESOLUTION 1991-03: R. Durisen made the motion that the First Quarter payment be set at $2.8 million.

RESOLUTION 1991-04: Kathy Irwin presented a resolution from City Bank. City Bank provides for signatures on the accounts for President, Vice President, and Glen Blevins at NOAO. The WIYN Board gives the signatures to City Bank, and takes the responsibility to notify City Bank if the resolution is revoked or if there is a change in authorized signatures. The motion was made to accept the City Bank resolution.

RESOLUTION 1991-05: Blair Savage made the motion to purchase $2.5M of liability insurance.

RESOLUTION 1991-06: The Board delegates to the Project Manager the authority to proceed with the design of the control system from an in-kind contribution from the University of Wisconsin with a $100K cap. The Board President will approve the in-kind contribution on the recommendation of the Project Manager.

September 13, 1991

Face-to-face meeting in Wisconsin

RESOLUTION 1991-07: Caty Pilachowski moved that the Board authorize the Treasurer to bill the Universities for contributions for FY92 as listed in the Projected Payment Schedule attached to these minutes (Appendix A).

RESOLUTION 1991-08: The WIYN Board of Directors approved a motion to authorize the President, with recommendation from the SAC, the Project Manager, and General Counsel, to approve contracts and major purchases for the construction of the WIYN Telescope and Observatory as listed in an attachment to the minutes. The President's authorization to approve contracts and major purchases is revoked if such approval causes WIYN expenditures to exceed the FY92 budget or causes the Universities' commitment for contributions to be exceeded. General Counsel Kathy Irwin will draft the specific wording of this motion for the minutes.

RESOLUTION 1991-09: To accept the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement between the WIYN Consortium and the National Science Foundation for loan of the 3.5-meter mirror.

RESOLUTION 1991-10: To accept the provisions of the sublease and legal description for the WIYN site.

RESOLUTION 1991-11: Amendment to Continue the WIYN Corporation: Irwin reported there is a preface in the WIYN agreement that the WIYN Corporation will be dissolved if the Mirror Loan Agreement and the Site Lease are not finalized within 12 months of the Date of Incorporation. An amendment to the agreement is needed to extend this time period to 18 months. Motion was made to continue the WIYN Corporation accordingly.

RESOLUTION 1991-12: M. Johns made the motion that we accept the report of the ad hoc Personnel Committee. The Committee recommended a 4% mid-year increase for D. Blanco.

RESOLUTION 1991-13: The motion was made that that the Board authorize a change in the design of the telescope to provide for a straight Cassegrain focus by flipping the tertiary.

RESOLUTION 1991-14: Oemler made the motion that the Treasurer be authorized on the recommendation of the Project Manager to credit UW $27,038 in the first quarter of FY92 for their work on the control system.

December 19, 1991


RESOLUTION 1991-15: In accordance with the recommendation of the WIYN Project Manager, the Board accepts the University of Wisconsin proposal "WIYN Control System" dated October 29, 1991 for $1.1m. Payment will be in the form of an in-kind contribution credited in quarters, as milestones are met and approved by the Project Manager.

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