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March 3, 1994

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1994-1: De Young moved that the Board accept the report of the auditors.

RESOLUTION 1994-2: Durisen moved (De Young, Wiley seconded) that the Board grant the President and Treasurer of the Board the authority to procure a new risk insurance policy without further consultation.

RESOLUTION 1994-3: Durisen moved (De Young seconded) that the WIYN Board approve the following revised capital contributions schedule for Indiana University for Quarters Two, Three, and Four of FY 1994.

Quarter Cash In-Kind Total
TY 1994 Q2 0 $10,565 $10,565
Q3 0 7,762 7,762
Q4 Tbd Tbd 629,639
Total     $647,966

RESOLUTION 1994-4: Pilachowski made the motion to defer the MOS payment due in the 3rd Quarter 1994 until the 1st Quarter FY95.

RESOLUTION 1994-5: Commissioning Organization. During the commissioning phase, responsibility for WIYN activities shall be divided as follows:

  1. Dan Blanco will oversee the development of the Instrument Adaptor system, wide field corrector and any remaining mechanical design activities.
  2. The Site Superintendant, David Sawyer, will oversee commissioning activities.
  3. David Silva will be the Acting Project Manager and will:
    1. Oversee any remaining control system development.
    2. Coordinate the activities of Sawyer and Blanco.
    3. Report regularly to the WIYN SAC.
  4. Caty Pilachowski, Bob Barnes, Bruce Bohannan, and Larry Daggert will be available to consult with Dave Silva and help him obtain any needed NOAO resources.
  5. Oversight will be provided by the WIYN SAC.

RESOLUTION 1994-6: Moved to approve the Personnel Committee recommendations concerning the Project Manager.

RESOLUTION 1994-7: The Board accepts the report of the Personnel Committee concerning other WIYN personnel and its recommendations.

RESOLUTION 1994-8: During the operations phase of the WIYN Observatory, the WIYN Site Manager will report to the Chairman of the WIYN SAC. The SAC will be responsible for implementing the policies for WIYN operations established by the WIYN Board. The SAC is also responsible for long range planning for the Observatory.

RESOLUTION 1994-9: The Board Authorizes the expenditure of up to an additional $100K subject for commissioning to the approval of the SAC. Funds will come from the instrument line of construction budget.

RESOLUTION 1994-10: Motion to accept the report of the Treasurer.

RESOLUTION 1994-11: Motion to accept the WIYN Commissioning Plan presented at this meeting.

RESOLUTION 1994-12: Motion to accept the revised Commissioning budget presented by the Project Manager through the end of FY94.

RESOLUTION 1994-13: The Board approves the NOAO plan for WIYN operations.

RESOLUTION 1994-14: The Board approves the Scheduling Committee recommendations of an 8-12 split between the Universities and NOAO, commencing at the start of operations.

September 10, 1994

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1994-15: The minutes are approved with the corrections noted.

RESOLUTION 1994-16: The investment income from the university accounts is available for use by the WIYN project provided that it is utilized in the 26:17:17 ratio. At the end of the Construction and Commissioning phases, any residual interest income will be carried over into the Operations phase in the university accounts.

RESOLUTION 1994-17: Durisen moved to ratify the change of the Board meeting from New Haven to Tucson.

RESOLUTION 1994-18: The Board will meet in Tucson on Saturday, March 4.

RESOLUTION 1994-19: The WIYN Board authorizes payment to UW of a $320K for completion of the specified control system, the changes requested, and the commissioning costs to date. Honeycutt will continue to serve as arbiter to resolve any remaining concern on the control system deliverables.

RESOLUTION 1994-20: The Board accepts, with appreciation, the proposal of NOAO for the WIYN Control System commissioning.

RESOLUTION 1994-21: The Board expresses its appreciation to UWCG for the state-of-the-art Control System delivered to WIYN.

RESOLUTION 1994-22: During the first year of science operations, 7 nights per month, near full moon, will be reserved for operations engineering. At the discretion of the Site Manager this time may, if not needed, be released for use by the WIYN partner which has been allocated the adjacent block of telescope time.

RESOLUTION 1994-23: The WIYN Board adopts March 6, 1995, as the start of operations and authorizes the scheduling to begin the algorithm for assigning nights on that date.

RESOLUTION 1994-24: There are in-kind university contributions to the Construction and Commissioning phases which have been approved by the Board but which have not yet been credited. These in-kind contributions will first be credited toward any outstanding capital contributions by the Member. If the in-kind contribution exceeds any outstanding capital obligation, the WIYN Consortium will issue a cash payment to the Member for the excess. Additional claims for in-kind contributions to the Construction and Commissioning phases should be submitted to the Project Manager for review by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Upon approval by the Scientific Advisory Committee, these additional in-kind contributions will be handled according to the same procedures detailed above.

RESOLUTION 1994-25: The billing of the universities for Operations and Maintenance will begin on January 1, 1995. The bills will be prorated to reflect the fact that the WIYN Observatory will only be in Scientific Operations for a fraction of the quarter. For subsequent quarters, the universities will be billed for Operations and Maintenance in accordance with Board RESOLUTION 1993-15.

RESOLUTION 1994-26: Withdrawals from WIYN university accounts will be made so that the cumulative withdrawals from these accounts plus in-kind credits are in the target ratios of 26 (Wisconsin) :17 (Indiana) :17 (Yale). If, at any point this would overdraw the account of a university, that university's account will be drawn down to the minimum balance necessary to maintain the account (as of September, 1994, this amount is $1,000.00). Withdrawals from the accounts of the other two universities will then be made in such a way as to keep their cumulative withdrawals from accounts plus in-kind credits in their target ratio. When the overdrawn university makes any additional cash contribution, the first use of this contribution will be to make transfers to the other universities' accounts as necessary to restore the overall target ratios of cumulative payments from accounts plus in-kind credit.

RESOLUTION 1994-27: Adopt the proposed FY95 budget as presented in the yellow meeting book.

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