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March 4, 1995

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1995-01: The Board recognizes the reimbursement to Wisconsin (re $326,000 minus in-kinds for a reimbursement of $271,428) as an expense associated with the construction of the control system.

RESOLUTION 1995-02: Indiana University's payment schedule will be revised as follows: According to the old payment schedule, Indiana University underpaid its Q4 FY1994 cash contribution for the capital project by $87,454. This cash contribution of $87,454 will now be considered to be due in Q3 FY1995.

RESOLUTION 1995-03: Residuals from the Construction and Commissioning budgets, interest income, and unspent corporate funds will be used to establish an investment fund for future WIYN needs. This fund will be invested by an Investment Committee chaired by the WIYN Treasurer. These funds can only be appropriated or encumbered by specific Board action.

RESOLUTION 1995-04: Expenses associated with the initial WIYN training of Kitt Peak staff should be considered a Commissioning phase expense and charged accordingly.

RESOLUTION 1995-05: Now be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the WIYN Consortium, Inc. that Section 3.2 of the BY-LAWS be amended to read:

Section 3.2. Meetings. The Board shall meet as needed, but at least once annually, to approve the plans and funding for design, construction, and operation of the Observatory and to consider any other issues raised by the president of the Board ("President"), the WIYN Project Manager, the WIYN Site Manager, or the Board itself. The meeting shall be held on such date, at such hour and in such place as may be designated by the Board, or, if the Board shall fail to so designate, as designated by the President. The date, hour or place so designated may be changed by the President upon written notification to the Secretary of such change at any time prior to the time the notice of the meeting is given under Section 3.3. Except for the annual meeting, meetings may be held by means of conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other.

RESOLUTION 1995-06: The Board authorizes the SAC to authorize the expenditures of funds identified for the Imager Account for whatever purposes in construction or commissioning the SAC deems most important. These funds will require an explicit 40% match from NOAO (presumably in-kind) if spent on commissioning.

RESOLUTION 1995-07: The Board endorses the effort to obtain an adaptive optics instrument as a facility instrument for the WIYN telescope.

September 30, 1995

Face-to-face meeting in Yale

RESOLUTION 1995-08: The Board approves the proposed FY96 budget and authorizes the Project Manager to spend up to $20K of the funds that were to have gone into the investment fund to complete the construction and commissioning.

RESOLUTION 1995-09: Until the final closing of the Construction and Commissioning accounts and activities at the next Board meeting, the Board will allow the Project Manager to have up to $50,000 of the WIYN Investment Fund available as an emergency contingency fund. Use of these funds will require approval by the SAC and by both the WIYN Board Treasurer and the WIYN Board President.

RESOLUTION 1995-10: The Board approves the transfer of residual funds from the Instrumentation line of the Construction Budget to the Telescope Construction line of the Construction Budget in order to partially offset overruns in the telescope construction cost.

RESOLUTION 1995-11: A WIYN Investment Fund shall be established for use at the Board's discretion. The interest which has been earned through FY1995 on the WIYN University accounts which is not in a 26:17:17 proportion shall become part of this fund. Excluding surpluses in the Corporate Expenses or Commissioning lines, any net surplus otherwise remaining in the Construction Budget will also become part of this fund once the Construction Phase accounts are finally closed.

RESOLUTION 1995-12: Surplus University Corporate Expenses contributions through FY1995, matched in the normal 40:60 proportion by NOAO, will also be placed in the WIYN Investment Fund. Henceforth, on an annual basis, any surplus that accrues in the Corporate Expenses during a fiscal year, computed according to the normal 26:17:17:40 proportion, will be placed in the WIYN Investment Fund at the start of the next fiscal year.

RESOLUTION 1995-13: Surplus funds in the WIYN University accounts for Commissioning shall be matched in the normal 40:60 proportion by NOAO and then placed in the WIYN Investment Fund.

RESOLUTION 1995-14: The WIYN Financial Officer will consolidate the three WIYN University checking accounts into one checking account for receipt of contributions for operations and corporate expenses. Once this is done there will be no further separate tally of interest earned by individual University Members.

RESOLUTION 1995-15: Henceforth, all interest earned during a fiscal year on the WIYN University account established by RESOLUTION #4 (Motion 1995-14) above will be placed in the WIYN Investment Fund at the start of the next fiscal year.

RESOLUTION 1995-16: The Board hereby establishes an Investment Committee to oversee the WIYN Investment Fund. The Committee will be chaired by the WIYN Treasurer and have, as members, the WIYN Financial Officer and at least one other WIYN Board member. The Investment Committee will annually prepare an investment strategy for and approval by the Board. Until the next Board meeting, the WIYN Investment Fund will be placed by the Committee in short-term CD's or other safe, highly liquid funds.

RESOLUTION 1995-17: Between now and the March (next) Board meeting, the WIYN Site Manager in consultation with the SAC has the authority to spend the Site Manager's budget.

RESOLUTION 1995-18: If WIYN is in need of capital equipment, as part of the Site Manager's capital budget, the Site Manager can offer to the partners the opportunity to provide such equipment as an in-kind contribution to the operating budget with approval by the SAC.

RESOLUTION 1995-19: The Board authorizes the payment of $22,350 to NOAO from the Investment Account as reimbursement for the purchase of a blue grating for MOS/Hydra.

RESOLUTION 1995-20: Members may make additional monetary and in-kind contributions to WIYN, over and above those which are required by previous agreement and Board resolution. Such contributions must be approved by the SAC and, if greater than $50,000 in one year, by the Board. Each member will endeavor to contribute in proportion to the share of telescope time. From time to time, the Board will review such contributions and may adjust the share of telescope time of partners to account for those contributions.

RESOLUTION 1995-21: The WIYN Site Manager is authorized to make expenditures from the Site Manager's Operations Budget of up to $20,000 on his own signature authority. When required in time-critical situations, where the efficient operation of the Observatory is at stake, expenditures of more than $20,000 from the Site Manager's Operations Budget may be made without prior Board approval by signatures of the Site Manager plus one of the following persons -- the Chairperson of the SAC, the WIYN Board President, the WIYN Board Treasurer, or the WIYN Board Secretary.

RESOLUTION 1995-22: If the Site Manager is absent, he or she may designate signature authority to the Director of NOAO or to the Director's designate.

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