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April 10, 1999

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 1999-01: The WIYN Board recognizes the outstanding contribution made by Art Code in his service as Observatory Scientist. He has brought his ability, experience, and wisdom to bear on the scientific future of the WITN Observatory to extraordinary effect. His legacy to the Observatory will include performance brought close to design goals and a consortium that feels a stronger sense of scientific teamwork and cooperation. We commend Art for his effectiveness and express our profound appreciation for his efforts.

RESOLUTION 1999-02: The WIYN Board authorizes allocation of scientific discretionary time to instrumentation teams from within the WIYN Consortium members for the constructions, delivery and commissioning of facility instruments for general use. The discretionary time is to be allocated by the Science Advisory Committee, who will advise the Board before awarding an allocation. Discretionary time shares will be charged to the WIYN members in proportion to their shares and will draw from the available scientific time on an annual basis. The total amount of discretionary time allocated to instrumentation teams shall not exceed 10% of the scientific time in any year.

RESOLUTION 1999-03: Upon advisement of the SAC, the Board directs that the WTTM team proceed as quickly as possible to the completion of the instrument as a facility instrument.

RESOLUTION 1999-04: The Board authorizes the expenditure of up to $10K to each of the NIR and MOS upgrade projects for the purpose of design of facility class instruments.

RESOLUTION 1999-05: The Board adopts the amendment to the Bylaws changing the title of the Site Manager to Operations Manager.

RESOLUTION 1999-06: The Board accepts the WIYN Financial Statements for 1998, as audited by KPMG.

RESOLUTION 1999-07: The Board waives the late payment penalty for Yale.

RESOLUTION 1999-08: The Board waives the late payment penalty for IU.

RESOLUTION 1999-09: The Board agrees to reset the operations assessment effective for FY99 to increase the assessment by a total of $385K.

RESOLUTION 1999-10: The Board authorizes Dave Sawyer to spend the additional assessment.

RESOLUTION 1999-11: The Board authorizes that $65K allocated for the WIYN Director be placed in the investment fund pending a successful search for a Director.

RESOLUTION 1999-12: The Board appoints current officers and Kathy Irwin to a standing committee to find candidates for Board offices.

RESOLUTION 1999-13: The Board authorizes the continuation of expenditures for operations in FY2000 until the next Board meeting.

October 23, 1999

Face-to-face meeting in Indiana

RESOLUTION 1999-14: The Board adopts the operations plan as amended.

RESOLUTION 1999-15: The Board authorizes Dave Sawyer to spend the funds outlined in the operations plan.

RESOLUTION 1999-16: The Board has concluded that the renegotiation required by Exhibit A of the WIYN Agreement, paragraph 3, is unnecessary.

RESOLUTION 1999-17: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of MR. GLEN BLEVINS. As Financial Officer of WIYN from 1989 to 1999, Glen provided meticulous oversight of WIYN's financial records. His calm acuity was an important stabilizing influence through WIYN's many financial storms. His dedication and his advocacy of WIYN's interests went well beyond the requirements of his title. Without him, the complex trade-offs in the original WIYN Agreement would not have been formulated; and, without his persistent efforts, they may not have worked so well. Glen was one of the rocks upon which the WIYN organization has rested. The gentle assurance of his presence at WIYN Board meetings will be missed, but the high standards of professionalism and competence he set for all members of the WIYN organization will be remembered for years to come.

RESOLUTION 1999-18: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of DR. MORT LOWENGRUB. There are few simple truths in this Universe; but one of them is this:. Without Mort, there would be no "I" in WIYN. Mort's Herculean efforts for WIYN demonstrated a remarkable dedication and an unusually clear vision of the scientific imperatives for investing in the WIYN Telescope Project. Those of us who were there will never forget how Mort muttered, "We HAVE to do this," as he walked excitedly around the proposed observatory site on his first trip to Kitt Peak. Mort's candor over the years about Indiana University's funding situation and his ability to come through eventually with what was needed has been matched only by the patience and good will of the other WIYN members who gave Mort the space and time to work his wizardry. Mort's service on the WIYN Board from 1989 to 1999 was outstanding. Mort's common sense and forthrightness and the breadth of his administrative experience and insight will be deeply missed.

RESOLUTION 1999-19: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of DR. CATY PILACHOWSKI. Caty was one of the original WIYN negotiators, back in the days when all we had to go on was a mirror blank, some travel money, and dreams of a telescope. It was clear early on that Caty brought a hard-nosed perspective to our deliberations. Her tenure as Board member and Secretary from 1989 to 1999 has been an important contribution. With her departure, WIYN truly loses a major part of its institutional memory. Like the minutes of preceding Board meetings, one of Caty's essential roles on the Board was to remind us of things we needed to remember, whether pleasant or not. Caty was one of WIYN's indispensable people, and she has left upon WIYN the imprint of her own unique blend of quiet delight and seriousness of purpose. Hopefully, the WIYN Consortium has become mature enough now to survive without her. To quote Caty's own words, although she will no longer be present at our meetings, we should think of her, "instead happily doing science with WIYN data." She has not left WIYN, she is using it!

RESOLUTION 1999-20: The Board authorizes Richard Durisen to have framed pictures of WIYN made with inscriptions of appreciation for Glen Blevins, Art Code, Mort Lowengrub, and Caty Pilachowski as a concrete token of its gratitude for their services.

RESOLUTION 1999-21: The Board waives the penalty on Indiana University's April payment.

RESOLUTION 1999-22: The Board appoints Robert Mathieu as President; Taft Armandroff as Secretary; and Richard Durisen as Treasurer.

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