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February 26, 2000

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2000-01: The Board accepts the MiniMosaic, as an enhancement to the telescope imager, as a general use instrument upon a SAC finding that the instrument has been successfully commissioned and is accepted for operations.

RESOLUTION 2000-02: A subcommittee of the Board will be formed to study the proprietary period for data in the WIYN archive. This group will work with the SAC to develop a wider policy for WIYN archiving, to be discussed at the next Board meeting. The committee should draw on external experience, where appropriate, and should include a research-active astronomer.

RESOLUTION 2000-03: The Board accepts the WIYN Statements of Financial Position for 1999, as audited by KPMG.

RESOLUTION 2000-04: Additional bank accounts should be secured so as to better protect WIYN funds by the FDIC in the event of a bank failure.

RESOLUTION 2000-05: The President will have the authority to sign the documents needed to open new bank accounts.

RESOLUTION 2000-06: $65,000 of the enhanced budget from FY99 should be moved to the investment account.

RESOLUTION 2000-07: The Board authorizes the President to authorize expenditures recommended by the SAC for WTTM or other instrumentation initiatives from the Instrumentation Fund.

RESOLUTION 2000-08: The Board, based on a recommendation from the SAC, agrees to a pre-proposal for and testing of the USNO near-IR camera, which may lead to a proposal for a three-year loan of this instrument. The cost will be within the Operation Managers' discretionary budget.

June 19, 2000


RESOLUTION 2000-09: Until such time as the position of WIYN Executive Director or WIYN Operations Manager is filled, the Telescope Scientist is authorized to exercise the signature authority set forth in RESOLUTION 1995-21. If the Telescope Scientist is absent, he or she may delegate signature authority to the Director of NOAO or to the Director's designate.

RESOLUTION 2000-10: For the period July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2001, WIYN will pay 10% of Jeff Percival's salary and fringe benefits in support of remote observing development. Wisconsin will provide this as an in-kind contribution.

RESOLUTION 2000-11: The WIYN Consortium Inc. should submit a proposal to NOAO to assume responsibility for operation of the KPNO 0.9-m telescope, as described in the materials distributed to the Board for today's meeting.

October 14, 2000

Face-to-face meeting in Wisconsin

RESOLUTION 2000-12: The following to revise and enhance the management structure of WIYN and recognize the addition of the WIYN Director are adopted:

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is advisory to the Board and the WIYN Director.

Any current and continuing authority vest in SAC is transferred to the WIYN Director.

The operations signature authority is transferred to the WIYN Director. The WIYN Director may in writing subdelegate such signature authority to other WIYN personnel. Additionally, signature authority for expenditures for such instruments upgrade and instrument development authorized by the Board is transferred to the WIYN Director.

The duties assigned to the Operations manager are transferred to the WIYN Director.

The WIYN Director may use the vacant Operations Manager FTE for other than an Operations Manager.

The WIYN Director Discretionary Fund is established for use by the WIYN Director for the benefit of WIYN. The FY 01 amount allocated to this fund is $20,000 from the Director's Office and Development funds.

The WIYN Director Research Fund is established to support research by the WIYN Director. The FY 01 amount allocated to this fund is $10,000 from the Director's Office and Development Funds.

The authority to allocate Testing and Engineering time is transferred from the Operations Manager to the WIYN Director.

The WIYN Agreement and any Board resolution or policy are amended to conform with the above.

The WIYN General Counsel is directed to prepare such amendments to the WIYN Agreement and any Board resolution or policy to reflect these actions and provide them to the Board at its next regular meeting. If amendment to the WIYN By-laws is necessary, such amendment will be presented to the Board for adoption at the meeting.

RESOLUTION 2000-13: With regard to the Director and development part of our enhanced budget, any surplus funds will be moved to the Investment Account at the end of each fiscal year.

RESOLUTION 2000-14: The late payment penalty is waived for Yale University for the fourth quarter of FY00 and the first quarter of FY01.

RESOLUTION 2000-15: The Board accepts the FY01 Operations Plan and FY01 Budget as revised by subsequent Board action.

RESOLUTION 2000-16: The Hydra positioner should be upgraded, as proposed by the WIYN Director, with a cost of up to $209,500. The funding will be released in stages pending the successful completion of non -advocate design reviews. The intention of the Board is to upgrade the Bench Spectrograph as a priority.

RESOLUTION 2000-17: $35K is authorized to explore the design of the One-Degree Imager for WIYN.

RESOLUTION 2000-18: The Board acknowledges with pleasure the selection of WIYN’s operation proposal for the KPNO 0.9 -m and authorizes the President with the assistance of General Counsel and such others as he finds necessary to take the steps required to assume operations.

RESOLUTION 2000-19: In recognition of the exemplary service, wise leadership, and personal commitment of Dave Sawyer to the WIYN Observatory, which has resulted in the best telescope operations in the world, be it resolved that the WIYN Board extends to Dave Sawyer its deep admiration, sincere thanks, and very best wishes for success in his new professional path.

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