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March 3, 2001

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2001-01: The WIYN Board approves signature authority over the WIYN Corporate Budget for the WIYN Director of up to $5000 per item.

RESOLUTION 2001-02: The WIYN Board approves an increase in the signature authority of the WIYN Director over the discretionary operations budget from $20K to $50K per item.

RESOLUTION 2001-03: The WIYN Board approves a discretionary spending authority over the WIYN budget for instrumentation projects of up to $20K per year for the WIYN Director.

RESOLUTION 2001-04: The WIYN Board approves charging Pat Breyfogle’s services during the WIYN Board meeting as an NOAO in-kind contribution.

RESOLUTION 2001-05: The WIYN Board accepts the audit for fiscal years 1999 and 2000 as prepared by KPMG.

RESOLUTION 2001-06: The Board encourages the Director to seek funding for the One Degree Imager through whatever sources he sees as most feasible.

RESOLUTION 2001-07: The WIYN Board authorizes the Bench Spectrograph Upgrade project and expenditures of up to $20K from the Instrument Upgrade Budget.

RESOLUTION 2001-08: The Board authorizes two additional engineering nights for three consecutive months for WTTM commissioning.

RESOLUTION 2001-09: The Board grants the Director four additional discretionary nights per year for a total of fourteen nights of Director's discretionary time per year.

RESOLUTION 2001-10: The Board authorizes the Director to withdraw up to $20K of the investment fund per year for instrumentation initiatives.

RESOLUTION 2001-11: The Board approves the amendments to the By-Laws of the WIYN Consortium necessitated by the hiring of a WIYN Director.

RESOLUTION 2001-12: The Board approves the amendments to the Board Procedures and the WIYN Agreement necessitated by the hiring of a WIYN Director.

RESOLUTION 2001-13: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of DR. SIDNEY WOLFF. As NOAO Director from 1987 to early 2001, and as a WIYN Board member from 1989 to 1992, Sidney's positive influence and strong support have been felt in numerous ways. Sidney exhibited the creativity and forbearance to play a leadership role in the creation of the public / private partnership to construct and operate a major telescope that became WIYN. Such a partnership was novel at the time, and Sidney was crucial in securng AURA and NSF support for the WIYN conceptand agreements. Equally important was Sidney's determination to make available the WIYN 3.5-m primary mirror, its associated support system, and the prime WIYN site on Kitt Peak. The delight that Sidney showed in watching WIYN come together as a telescope and then as a functioning observatory was contagious to everyone around her. As WIYN moved into commissioning and then operations, Sidney's support and leadership were crucial to integrating WIYN into Kitt Peak operations and achieving high telescope productivity. We note that Sidney has gone on to play a major role in another university-NOAO partnership that builds on her WIYN experience, SOAR. At the end of Sidney's long service as NOAO Director, we congratulate her on her many accomplishments.

RESOLUTION 2001-14: Budget authority for the current fiscal year is continued until the next Board meeting.

October 28, 2001

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2001-15: The Board approves the Director's instrumentation spending plan for FY2002.

RESOLUTION 2001-16: The Board recommends the initiation of a process to create a WIYN Strategic Plan through 2010.

RESOLUTION 2001-17: The Board authorizes signature authority for the Director of up to $50,000 per item out of the instrumentation account for projects approved by the Board.

RESOLUTION 2001-18: The Board approves the WIYN Operations Plan for FY2002 as presented, with the change to Table 4 clarifying the reporting status of the WIYN Director and Project Manager.

RESOLUTION 2001-19: The Board approves the expenditure of funds appropriated for FY2002 consistent with the WIYN Agreement and subsequent Board action.

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