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March 17, 2002

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2002-01: The Board authorizes the Treasurer to cover the 0.9m cash flow shortage up to $10K per year to be paid back within one year.

RESOLUTION 2002-02: The Board accepts the WIYN Director's revised proposal for FY02 instrumentation funding and authorizes the expenditure of funds from the account proposed.

RESOLUTION 2002-03: The Board authorizes up to $30K from the instrument fund to the Director as an incentive to get an instrument scientist, in consultation with the SAC.

RESOLUTION 2002-04: The Board authorizes the continuation of expenditures in FY2003 until the next Board meeting.

October 27, 2002

Face-to-face meeting in Indiana

RESOLUTION 2002-05: Bullet number 4 in the draft strategic planning document should be replaced with the following: Assist and encourage members to enhance and deepen the instrumentation and technical capabilities of the partnership.

RESOLUTION 2002-06: The Board confirms that the WIYN Director may delegate the Director's signature authority for expenditures from the operations budget and for instrumentation expenditures authorized by the Board. The WIYN Director may delegate allocation of the discretionary nights granted to the WIYN Director and may delegate such other duties as are assigned to the WIYN Director by the Board. Such delegations shall be in writing with copies to the WIYN President and the WIYN Financial Officer and shall identify the authority delegated, the person to whom the authority is delegated and the effective dates of the delegation.

RESOLUTION 2002-07: The Board accepts the operations plan for FY 2003 as presented by the WIYN Director and as shown [in the Minutes of the WIYN Board of Directors Meeting of October 27, 2002].

The Board approves the instruments spending plan as shown and authorizes the WIYN Director to expend the funds approved including funds carried over from FY2002.

FY03 Instrument Spending:

RESOLUTION 2002-08 [Ed. Changed from 2002-07 in original document]: Several discretionary funds have been created for use by the Director of the WIYN Observatory. These funds were originally established in terms of fixed dollar amounts per year. They include: a Director's Research Fund ($10,000 per year, established by RESOLUTION 2000-12), a Director's Discretionary Fund for the benefit of WIYN ($20,000 per year, established by RESOLUTION 2000-12), and an Instrumentation Initiatives Fund ($20,000 per year from the Investment Accounts, established by RESOLUTION 2001-10). The Board hereby approves that all these allocations be subject to the standard 5% annual increases applied to all other operations and development funds, effective beginning in WIYN fiscal year 2003.

RESOLUTION 2002-09: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of DR. KENT HONEYCUTT. Kent served as a founding member of the Board from 1990 through 2002. Kent's deep technical expertise and vision for an astronomical facility provided a profound basis for the design and construction of what has been called the best large imaging telescope on the North American continent. Kent brought his invaluable instrumental and observing experience to bear in addressing issues of site selection, telescope design, and instrument complement. He is indefatigable in pursuing and maintaining the support of his administration and potential funding sources. He played a key role in telescope commissioning, and applied his talents to production of vital focal plane.

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