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March 5, 2004

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2004-01: Recognizing the vital importance to the WIYN Consortium of the development of novel state-of the-art instrumentation to securing WIYN's stature among astronomical observatories, the WIYN Board of Directors is pleased to accept the WTTM as a facility instrument. In that context, the Board commends Chuck Claver for his foresight and creativity in developing the WTTM concept and bringing its design and construction to a successful completion. The WIYN Board also commends Charles Corson for his leadership, and both Charles Corson and Steve Howell for their outstanding efforts in commissioning this innovative instrument.

RESOLUTION 2004-02: The Board approves the expenditure of up to $160,000 from the Investment Fund or other appropriate accounts for new optics and a new detector for the Bench spectrograph contingent upon a successful Critical Design Review which is accepted by the WIYN SAC.

RESOLUTION 2004-03: The Board approves the expenditure of $35,000 for WIYN contributions to the WHIRC instrumentation project.

RESOLUTION 2004-04: The Board approves the modifications to the Operations and Instrumentation Plan as presented in the Director’s Report, particularly in slides 16 and 19 of his PowerPoint presentation to the Board.

RESOLUTION 2004-05: The Board authorizes the purchase of insurance to cover risks associated with the upcoming 3.5 meter mirror aluminization.

RESOLUTION 2004-06: Indirect costs may be applied to salaries, wages, and fringe benefits and included in the amount accepted and credited for inclusion as a voluntary contribution to WIYN. The amount included may not exceed that calculated using the lowest established indirect rate among the members for the category of the contribution at the time the contribution is accepted by either SAC or the Board as required under RESOLUTION 1995-20. Any member may choose to waive all or part of the indirect cost for any contribution.

RESOLUTION 2004-07: The Board authorizes the hiring of a Project Scientist for ODI to a 4-year term at cost not to exceed $150,000 per year, with the possibility of renewal.

RESOLUTION 2004-08: The Board accepts the Strategic Plan as submitted.

RESOLUTION 2004-09: The Board agrees to renew the agreement with NOAO for operations of the 0.9-meter telescope at Kitt Peak, and in so doing WIYN Inc. will assume the 0.9-meter's operations for an additional 5 years, beginning July 1, 2004. The Board also agrees to maintain the present 0.9-meter Consortium, with the addition of new members as needed; new members would contribute a proportional capital contribution equivalent to one year of their operations.

RESOLUTION 2004-10: The WIYN Board of Directors, on behalf of the Consortium, expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the service contributions of Dr. Robert Mathieu. Bob's sure hand first guided the operations of the observatory through his chairmanship of the Scientific Advisory Committee. With the management structure at that time, Bob essentially served as the director of the WIYN Observatory. He promoted development of the first strategic plan, which advocated a major restructuring of the management and an increased commitment of the partners for operation and development. As newly elected Board President, Bob deftly made the transition from COO to CEO, and provided effective leadership for fiscal responsibility, policy, and oversight. As he steps down from the Board Presidency, he leaves the consortium with a solid financial base for operations, a high level of activity in instrumentation and upgrades, a strong effort to produce the One-Degree Imager as the first of WIYN's new generation of world-class instruments, and a second generation strategic plan providing guidance for the remainder of the decade. WIYN has flourished under Bob's leadership, burnishing its reputation for a superbly performing facility while retaining the collegiality and effectiveness that make its Board a model for the community. We are grateful for his dedication and extraordinary.

October 8, 2004

Face-to-face meeting in Yale

RESOLUTION 2004-11: The Board approves the Budget and Operations Plan for WIYN for FY05 as presented by the Director.

RESOLUTION 2004-12: The Board approves using $32 K from the Capital account to cover the specific and additional instrumentation needs presented to the Board by the Director.

RESOLUTION 2004-13: The Board directs the WIYN Financial Officer to set up a new account to receive funds from the NSF for the QUOTA project.

RESOLUTION 2004-14: The Board accepts the audited financial statement of WIYN for fiscal year 2003.

RESOLUTION 2004-15: The Board agrees to enter negotiations with George Jacoby to renew his contract as Director of WIYN and requests the President to start such negotiation in consultation with the WIYN general counsel and SAC as necessary. The President will report to the Board at its spring meeting on the negotiation.

RESOLUTION 2004-16: The Board authorizes the Director to accept up to 1 FTE in-kind voluntary contribution in FY2005 from each partner institution towards the development and construction of ODI, if the Director finds that the contribution is appropriate and will advance ODI.

RESOLUTION 2004-17: The Board authorizes the Director to spend up to $400K towards ODI in FY2005.

RESOLUTION 2004-18: The Board authorizes the writing of a TSIP proposal draft with further advice from the SAC. The draft proposal will be submitted to the Board for its review by January 14, 2005. The Board will vote, by telecon, on January 28, 2005, 9:00am MST to decide whether or not the proposal will actually be submitted by the February 2005 TSIP deadline.

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