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April 22, 2007

Face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2007-01: BE IT RESOLVED that the WIYN Board accept the memo of understanding regarding the WIYN high- resolution infrared camera (WHIRC) as drafted by the director with the intention that it be appropriately reviewed and revised by counsel.

RESOLUTION 2007-02: BE IT RESOLVED that the WIYN Board approves the ODI Science Requirements Document, ODI-AD-pI-0008, v2.2 Apr 21 2007 as the highest level requirements document for the WIYN ODI, as well as mechanism for changes as outlined by the SAC report. This new document shall supersede the 2003 ODI Science Requirements Document.

RESOLUTION 2007-03: BE IT RESOLVED that the Renewal Steering Committee oversee the renewal process and authorize activities required to draft a renewal agreement by the Fall 2008 Board meeting. Funding to properly support this activity should come from the corporate account. The committee will consist of the chairs of the three academic departments, the director of KPNO, and WIYN general counsel; and it will be chaired by the President of the Board.

RESOLUTION 2007-04: BE IT RESOLVED that insurance will be purchased to cover the transit of mirrors during the aluminization process.

RESOLUTION 2007-05: BE IT RESOLVED that the Director may use up to $75,000 from the investment account to ensure scientific participation in the Bench Spectrograph Upgrade Project.

RESOLUTION 2007-06: BE IT RESOLVED that a committee be established to search for a new WIYN Director. The committee should consist of Jay Gallagher, Todd Boroson, Charles Bailyn, and a representative from Indiana, with the possibility of more members to be added in the future. We further authorize funds from the corporate account to support the activities of this committee. The committee should report back to the Board at the Fall 2008 meeting, having made substantial progress.

RESOLUTION 2007-07: BE IT RESOLVED by the Board: The Board authorizes the continuation of expenditures for operations of the WIYN Observatory at the FY 2007 level until the next Board meeting.

October 12, 2007


No resolutions were passed.

October 26, 2007

Face-to-face meeting in Yale

RESOLUTION 2007-08: The WIYN Board approves the operations plan and capital spending on p. 15 of the addendum to the Blue Book provided by George Jacoby.

RESOLUTION 2007-09: Transfer $145K from the investment fund to the instrumentation program for completion of the Bench spectrograph project.

RESOLUTION 2007-10: The WIYN Board approves the proposed FY08 Instrumentation budget.

RESOLUTION 2007-11: The WIYN Board accepts the financial statement for FY06 and its accompanying audit.

RESOLUTION 2007-12: BE IT RESOLVED that the board accepts the University of Wisconsin- Madison's in kind contribution of the service of ODI Project Manager John Cavin for the period Jan 1, 2007 through Aug 31, 2007 at 75% FTE and for the period Sept 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2008 at 100% FTE, using current salaries for those periods and applicable fringe benefits and overhead percentage rates as approved by Wisconsin, including travel expenses.

RESOLUTION 2007-13: We acknowledge the $320,085 as NOAO's in kind contribution to ODI as reported for 2007 and authorize in kind contributions through April 2008 up to $400,000.

RESOLUTION 2007-14: The WIYN Board agrees to continue to be the administrative home of the 0.9m consortium if they succeed in negotiating an extension.

December 10, 2007


RESOLUTION 2007-15: As per the recommendation of the SAC (see October 26 SAC presentation to the Board, slides 20 and 21), the Board authorizes the ODI project team to expend up to $50K towards the completion of QUOTA with science grade thinned, lot 3, OTAs. Funding is to come from the ODI project budget.

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