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April 9, 2009

face-to-face meeting in Tucson

RESOLUTION 2009-01: The WIYN Board congratulates Dr. Pat Knezek and the Bench team for their excellent job on the Bench upgrade project.

RESOLUTION 2009-02: The Board acknowledges the success of the 0.9-meter consortium and encourages the completion of the renewal contracts necessary to extend its operation of the 0.9-meter observatory on KPNO. In order to advance the goal of continuing the 0.9-meter consortium, the Board authorizes the President to sign any renewal agreement with NSF/AURA/NOAO/KPNO or the consortium members as appropriate as long as in the opinion of the President the agreement is substantially similar to those executed previously. The President may consult with the WIYN General Counsel or other members of the Board as he or she deems appropriate in making the decision to sign any agreement for the utilization of the 0.9-meter.

May 7, 2009


No resolutions were passed.

July 14, 2009


RESOLUTION 2009-03: Accept the WIYN Director's salary recommendations for WIYN staff dated 7/8/2009; effective retroactive to April 1, 2009.

RESOLUTION 2009-04: Delay the WIYN Director's Performance Review until September, when he has been working a full year, and raise his salary by 2.5%; effective retroactive to April 1, 2009.

August 2009

Email ballot

RESOLUTION 2009-05 (approved 8/10/09): The WIYN Board accepts the One Degree Imager Pipeline Software and Archive Science Requirements Document, v.1.5, dated 7/23/09, as the requirements document for the development of the WIYN ODI Pipeline and Archive.

RESOLUTION 2009-06 (approved 8/26/09): The Board approves the timeline recommended by the President and Director in the attached document [PASRD-process.doc] for initiating a project to meet the recommendations of the PASRD. The Board solicits a proposal from the WIYN/IU team as described in points 5 and 9 of the attached document.

September 22, 2009

face-to-face meeting in Madison

RESOLUTION 2009-07: The WIYN Board accepts the WIYN Director’s FY10 operations plan and budget.

RESOLUTION 2009-08: The WIYN Board acknowledges with appreciation the draft proposal from UITS regarding creation of a pipeline and archival system for ODI. The Board charges the WIYN Director to engage in discussions with UITS and WIYN partners to generate a more fully developed project.

RESOLUTION 2009-09: UW commits $100,000 per year for 10 years and Yale commits $65,000 per year for 10 years towards the creation and operations of a pipeline and archive for ODI data, subject to appropriate reviews. The UW and Yale commitment begins with WIYN FY 2010. IU through UITS will make a best faith effort to contribute Board approved resources valued at $65,000 per year for 10 years to the creation and operations of the pipeline and archive.

RESOLUTION 2009-10: The WIYN Board authorizes the Director to use the balance of the $150K allocated in RESOLUTION 2008-17 for two ODI pipeline scientists to hire one or more scientific personnel at his discretion to aid in the development and implementation of the WIYN ODI pipeline.

RESOLUTION 2009-11: The WIYN Board with pleasure formally recognizes the long-standing and diverse contributions to WIYN made by Dr. Abhijit Saha of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. During his 12 years on the WIYN Board, Dr. Saha contributed to WIYN in many ways, including service as the WIYN Telescope Scientist; providing NOAO representation and leadership to the WIYN Science Advisory Committee; and developing instruments, such as the workhorse MiniMosaic camera. Dr. Saha developed the first WIYN observing queue and analyzed its strengths and weaknesses as a critical step to defining future queue operations, including those envisaged to use the One Degree Imager. As an expert in studies of stellar populations, Dr. Saha highlighted the fundamental capabilities provided by WIYN, and offered an expert view of the scientific use of WIYN. Thank you Abi, for your support of WIYN!

RESOLUTION 2009-12: The WIYN Board is pleased to formally recognize the many contributions of Professor Constantine Deliyannis of Indiana University. During 2002-2009, Prof. Deliyannis served as an Indiana University representative on the WIYN Board, where he was the Secretary for 3 years. As a scientific user of WIYN, and especially the Hydra + Bench spectrograph combination for studies of stellar chemical abundances, and one of the key participants in the WIYN Open Cluster Survey, he provided the Board with scientific expertise and insight for major WIYN research areas. While Prof. Deliyannis has left the WIYN Board, he continues to lead the WIYN 0.9-m telescope consortium, and thereby continues to provide much appreciated support to WIYN. Thank you Con!

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