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April 5-6, 2017

Face-to-face meeting

RESOLUTION 2017-1:Dr. Daniel Harbeck:
On arriving at WIYN you took on and saw through the complex development of the One Degree Imager as a scientifically capable instrument system. Along the way you extended your technical and management skills to meet new challenges, while also keeping your sense of humor and commitment to excellence. Your contributions touched almost every aspect of the Observatory and your leadership inspired the staff and consortium to strive to make WIYN an outstanding facility.

Presented with appreciation by the WIYN Board of Directors, Tucson, AZ, 5 April 2017

The WIYN Board of Directors authorizes the creation of the WIYN Infrastructure Account. The funds in this account are to be used for improvements to the WIYN Observatory that are not included within the normal operations budget. This can include improvements to the telescope and existing instruments as well as the development of new instruments/observing capabilities. The Treasurer is instructed to create the account immediately. In FY2017 and all subsequent years, the Infrastructure Fees paid by WIYN Operational Partners are to be moved into the Infrastructure Account sometime during the third quarter of the fiscal year. Funds in the Infrastructure Account can only be spent through the approval of a resolution by the WIYN Board of Directors.

The WIYN Board of Directors recognizes the overpayment into the WIYN Dome Repair fund by the University of Wisconsin and Indiana University by a total amount of approximately $93k. These excess funds are included in the FY2016 carry-over amount in the Operations Account. The Board hereby approves the transfer of $86.4k of this overpayment from the Reserve Account to the Remediation Account. This transfer of funds is recognized by the Board as completing the payments of the University of Wisconsin and Indiana University into the Remediation Account, as per Resolution 2014-16.

The WIYN Board of Directors charges all members to provide robust operational funding levels no later than the end of March each year, for the purposes of establishing the WIYN Operations Budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The revised draft WIYN Management Plan provided by John Salzer is accepted to be included as Exhibit B in the revised WIYN Agreement. Approved by acclimation.

The Board approves the version the WIYN Agreement as revised by Ben Griffiths for circulation by the WIYN Board administrative representatives to WIYN Members for review and approval.

The WIYN Board of Directors is pleased to formally recognize the many contributions to WIYN made by Dr. John S. (Jay) Gallagher of the University of Wisconsin. Jay’s knowledgeable and insightful contributions over two decades have been integral in establishing WIYN’s scientific success. Jay has served on the Board for a total of approximately 20 years, starting in 1994 and continuing through to his formal retirement in 2017, with only a few short breaks. He has served as both Board Treasurer, deftly guiding WIYN through challenging financial times, and Board Secretary. He was also a member of the Science Advisory Committee for a number of years, and participated in numerous other committees and working groups during his years on the Board. Jay’s broad range of experiences, including stints at NOAO and AURA, allowed him to provide very effective counsel during Board deliberations on a wide number of topics. He always maintained a friendly, collegial approach, even during heated debates. He was a master at forging compromises. The Board will be deprived of its senior statesman with his retirement; his sage advice will be missed by all. We wish him the very best in his retirement, and expect to continue to see him observing with WIYN for years to come.

Presented with appreciation by the WIYN Board of Directors, 6 April 2017.

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