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WIYN Status - Semester 2023A Proposer Information

NOIRLab Time on WIYN in Semester 2023A

The NSF's NOIRLab will continue to offer access to WIYN and its instruments to the national community in 2023A, albeit with a focus on research programs that are related to exoplanets. Interested observers should consult the NOIRLab WIYN 2023A Observing Proposal Call for details. This does not apply to people applying for time through WIYN's university partners.

Instrument availability in 2023A

There are several key things to note about the availability of 3.5-m instruments in 2023A:

Remote Observing

Remote observing at WIYN is available to all qualified observers (see the remote observing policies). Those wishing to observe remotely with ODI must do so from a pre-approved (and tested) workstation. More information can be found on the WIYN Remote Observing page.

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