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New u Filter Arrives! - December 14, 2015

The new u' band filter for the One Degree Imager has arrived.

We are happy to announce that the long-anticipated ODI u'-band filter has arrived from Asahi Spectra at WIYN. While we are still in the process of fully characterizing the new filter, we are happy to report that based on our first light experience, all our expectations for this filter have been met. Limited by natural seeing, the delivered image quality in the u'-band has been verified to be better than 0.65" over the entire field of view. We are currently working on the details of the photometric calibration, but the first indication is that the u'-band throughput of the telescope and instrument system is excellent and within the expected range.

Measured throughput of the new u'-band filter for ODI.

The new u'-band filter is mounted in the One Degree Imager. Since the filter reflects all but UV light, it appears like a mirror. The filter was produced by Asahi Spectra in Japan.

One of the first images taken with the new u'-band filter: M33. This is a single exposure, where two detectors (clearly indicated by amplifier glow!) were dedicated for telescope guiding. The delivered image quality is <0.65" over the entire field of view.

To read more about the commissioning of pODI read the, now defunct, ODI blog.

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